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Malli Andhra Sona Masoori Rice 10Kg


Akash Basmati Rice


Annapurna Basmati Rice


Annapurna Idli Rice


Annapurna Matta Rice 5Kg

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Annapurna Poni Boiled Rice


Annapurna Sona Masoori Rice


Badshah Basmati Rice


Daawat Basmati Rice


Eastend Basmati Rice


Eastend Brown Basmati Rice


Eastend Mamra


Eastend Pawa Medium (Flaked Rice)


Eastend Pawa Thick 1Kg


Eastend Rice Glutinous(Sticky) 2Kg

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Fudco Basmati Rice Dd 2kg

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Fudco Dehraduni Basmati Rice


Fudco Idli Rice 1.5Kg

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Fudco Khichdi Rice(Patna Rice) 2Kg

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Fudco Mamra Bhel 400G

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Fudco Mamra Bhel Special 200G

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Fudco Pawa Medium


Fudco Pawa Thick 1Kg

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Buy Premium Quality Rice Online in the UK


Rice is another vital part of Indian cooking and can be found in every Indian/Asian household. Some famous cuisines made from rice include – Biryani, Pulao, Kadhi Chawal, Kheer and South Indian Recipes. At Sadda Superstore, we source rice from the best manufacturers in the UK and India to ensure that you get the best quality.


Whether you choose to buy rice online or offline, we offer a wide selection of rice. Such as, Basmati, Brown, Broken, Brown Basmati, Easy Cook, Long Grain, Sella, Sona Masoori and many more to ensure you find one that fits your cooking style perfectly.


Sadda Superstore is one of the leading Indian/Asian supermarkets and online grocery stores in the UK that offers you thousands of essential items under one roof.


Order your favourite rice from anywhere in the UK and get it delivered to your home without any hassle.