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Aashirvaad Chakki Atta (Export Pack) 5kg


Aashirvaad Atta Multigrain 10Kg

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Pillsbury Atta Chakki (Export Pack) 10Kg


Aashirvaad Chakki Atta (Export Pack) 10kg


Elephant self raising flour 25kg

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Eastend Atta Gold Chakki


Canada Gold Medium Atta


Eastend Atta Multigrain


Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5Kg

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Pillsbury Atta Multigrain 5Kg


Elephant Atta Medium


Natco Atta Multigrain


Heera Atta Chakki


Swadi Corn Meal (Desi Makki Atta)1.5Kg


Aashirvaad Chakki Atta 2kg

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Pillsbury Atta Chakki (Export Pack) 5Kg


Elephant Atta Multigrain 10Kg


Elephant Atta Chakki Gold


Eastend Desi Makki Atta



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Swadi Atta Chakki


Asli Atta Medium 25kg


Sohum Chakki Atta 5Kg


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Atta/Chapati Flour is an essential item for Asian households and is also beloved among Indian food aficionados across the UK. We at Sadda Superstore stock a wide range of Atta/Chapati Flours, so you can make those fluffy Chapatis that everyone loves to eat with their Curry.

Purchase your favourite Atta in-store, but if you don’t have time or if it’s too heavy to carry, then place your order online, and we’ll do the heavy lifting! We import Atta from the premium brands of India, such as Aashirvaad, Kissan, and Sohum, recognized for their authenticity, quality and taste. We also offer a huge selection of UK Atta brands such as, Asli Atta, East End, Elephant Atta, Laila, Natco, Heera, Pillsbury and Swadi.

Get the Best Quality Flour in UK

Whether you are looking for Brown Atta, Chakki Atta, Makki Atta, Medium Atta, Multigrain Atta, Organic Atta, White Atta or Wholemeal Atta, we have them all.