Mango season is upon us so here are a few tips to help you choose the best Mangoes

Choose Right Mango

Whilst shopping for Mangoes I am sure we have all asked ourselves, how do you pick a good mango? Here are some DO’s and DONT’s that may help you purchase the perfect mangoes. We will also share different varieties of Mangoes that are available in the market throughout the year.

How to choose a perfect Mango Online?

  • There are many varieties of mangoes available making the decision of which one to go for quite difficult. We may look at the colour of a Mango and chose accordingly. The colours of a mango is not the best indicator of ripeness as these vary. Some mangoes start as a green colour and then a red phase and finally end up in orange. While some of them start of as yellow and ends up as orange.
  • It is ubiquitous that ripped fruits are heavier, this could be a good indicator whilst picking a mango.
  • If the Mango has black spots on the skin, it indicates that the Mango has gone past the ripe stage.
  • A ripe mango would be a mango to pick if you have a sweet tooth. They also have an aromatic fragrance that comes out from their stem.
  • Try to avoid purchasing Mangoes that has a foul alcoholic smell.
  • Once you have purchased the perfect Mango best to store them at room temperature, unless their flesh yields.

The best varieties of Mangoes that are available throughout the year

India is a country that produces the highest percentage of mangoes across the world. Information on the different varieties of mangoes available is shared below to help us better understand how to buy a mango.


This variety of Mango is generally found during May and June. They are not the best for a person with a sweet tooth as have a noticeably sour taste. This variety of Mango is usually used for making a dish named Aamras in Gujarat. You must ensure that they are consumed quickly upon purchasing because conserving them might hamper their quality.

Safeda also known as Banganapalli

The season for this variety of Mango ranges from April to June. These are one of the oldest mangoes that have appeared in the market. They possess a yellow hue with a sour taste, and Safeda mangoes are highly fibreless.

Alphonso also called Hapus

Alphonso mangoes are available between May and June. These are small spherical shaped Mangoes and are referred to as the “King of Mangoes “.  These Mangoes are the most expensive variety of Mangoes available.


This variety of mangoes is the shortest-lived that are available. They are fleshy, fibreless, and known for their sweet smell and taste. These are available during May and are great to make milkshakes.


These mangoes are easily identifiable for their shape. The tip of these Mangoes is shaped like a parrot’s beak. Although they are not sweet like the other varieties, these mangoes are well known for making salads with a tempering of chillies and salt. These are available from June to July.

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